The Bernády Hall

The Homage Hall named after one of the most active city mayors, Dr. Bernády György (1864-1938), is representative for its personality and concerns. In 1902, he becomes the mayor of Targu-Mures and triggers major changes in the community: starts with the demolition of the ancestral town hall, center modernization, the development of the distribution and supply of electricity, and the building of a system of water supply and sanitation. During his mandate are built the educational institutions on Jókai Street (today Eminescu Street), on János Sándor Street (today Gheorghe Doja Street), the Superior School of Commerce (now University "Petru Maior"), and the Roman Catholic Gymnasium (today the National College Unirea"), the High School for Girls (now National College "Al. Papiu Ilarian") and the Management Town Service.

In 1908 inaugurates the new edifice of the City Hall, the first of the current assembly, which includes the Palace of Culture. Between 1926 and 1929, György Bernády carries a second term as mayor, also elected as parliamentarian, representative for the Mureş-Turda district. In 1927 leaves the Democratic Bloc Party and establishes the Citizens Democratic Party. Bernády György mayor, prefect, member of the National Assembly, commander of the Romanian Royal Army, dies in 1938, buried in the Reformed College. The town preserved his memory by erecting a statue and appointing a market with his name.