The lobby and the stairs

The lobby is decorated with eight frescoes, created by artists of the School of Gödöllő, illustrating Hungarian and Romanian motifs and folk ballads, the two from the entrance were painted by Korosfoi-Kriesch Aladár. To its decoration contributed the sculptor Sidló Ferencz (1883-1953) with the bronze reliefs representing female nudes and the Emperor Franz Joseph's coronation scene. The ceiling of the hall is painted with oriental color combinations, the work of unknown artists of the School of Gödöllő. Venetian mirrors are fixed sideways falling in polished marble. The area houses busts of George Enescu, the work of sculptor Lelia Zuaf respectively, Ludwig van Beethoven, sculpted by Ostap Andrew, the two sculptures on pedestals making the transition to the concert hall.

The two scales frame the hall concert with stairs and railings from Carrara marble. On each floor, when climbing, you can admire the stained glass windows representing the personalities of the history and the culture of the 19th century: Ferenc Erkel (1810-1893), Franz Liszt (1811-1886), Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900), Jókai Mór (1825-1904), Sándor Petőfi (1822-1849), and Lajos Kossuth (1809-1894).